Oh God, here’s the first trailer for the "Kurt Cobain was murdered" docudrama Soaked in Bleach.

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Anonymous asked:
we watched something on the news on the anniversary of kurts death in health class and my teacher said the same thing you did that courtney must've killed him and i agree 100% with that.

I’m not saying that she must’ve killed him, though I do 100% believe that she did kill him or at least have something to do with his murder. It just pisses me off that everyone’s so quick to judge him based on his journals, the music he played, and the way he dressed. Yes, some lyrics are a little too spooky and some song titles are a little troubling (I Hate Myself and Want to Die), but that doesn’t mean that he killed himself. I just get really passionate about Kurt Cobain and no one really understands. It just makes me really angry that his case was so openly neglected like that.

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Anonymous asked:
can i have a link to the documentary


That’s over five hours long, but there two other good ones that I’ll link you to.

The Last 48 Hours of Kurt Cobain

Who Killed Kurt Cobain

Anonymous asked:
Kurt killed himself cos he couldnt handle the fame

Okay, but here’s where you’re wrong.

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okay please tell me why bc you are not the first person to say that and i need to know why you think that bc /kurt/


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